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Emilija Vlahek

M.Arch., Competent Ltd., Varaždin

Nina Trušnovec

M.Arch, social entrepreneur, Coworking Baza Tolmin

Uroš Kavdik

M.Eng., Municipality of Kranj, Department of Environment and Spatial Planning

Emilija Vlahek, M.Arch. Competent Ltd, Varaždin (Croatia), architect

An architect, with wide range of experience in building design and urban planning, works at
Competent Ltd, as lead architect. Believes that any spacial intervention should consider and balance
the social, economic and ecological aspect. Therefore, involved in various projects addressed to the
public, professionals and local government, aiming dissemination of knowledge, methods and tools
for holistic spatial solutions. Her recent engagement was co-producing the publication “Guidelines
for Public Space Planning in Croatia.

Predavanja / okrugli stol:

  • 01 Dan

Panel 1D: Public Participation In New Settings

M.Arch., Competent Ltd., Varaždin

  • 01 Dan

1D_Revitalization of city area by using the URBACT method

M.Arch., Competent Ltd., Varaždin


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