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Maja Vujnović

M.Arch, Održivo Ltd., Split

Ana Burić

M.Arch., Prostorne taktike Ltd., Split

Darko Ivanovski

M.Arch, Heksagon Ltd., Split

After geodetic high school, enrolled the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture in Split, which she finished in 2015 with a graduate thesis exploring the formation of temporary settlements and a fluid understanding of the community.
For several years now she has been participating in the creation of a self-sustainable village on the island of Brac, with community Zemlja za nas/ Earth for us.
Through architectural practice, as a member of Velcon projekt and Održivo, she has participated in urban planing , designing sport and business buildings and family housing, but most of all enjoys to collaborate with other professionals such as permaculture, design, visual artists and other forms of art.

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Workshop 3A: Northern Perimeter – Response(-)Ability

M.Arch, Održivo Ltd., Split


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