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Margareta Zidar

M.Arch, energy surveyor / Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar, Zagreb

Jelena Brbora

DURA - City of Dubrovnik Development Agency, Dubrovnik

Vesna Bukarica

Ph.D, energy efficiency policy expert / Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar, Zagreb

Margareta Zidar is licensed architect, energy surveyor and infrared thermografist. She has 16 years of experience in various areas of the construction sector, starting from general architectural design practice, energy efficiency in buildings, infrared thermography in buildings and spatial planning elements of renewable energy facilities. Focus of her research in last 12 years is energy efficiency in buildings where she gained in-depth knowledge on energy performance of building materials and systems, integrated design concept for building as well as climate change adaptation measures for urban areas.

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  • 01 Dan

Panel 2B: Integrative Sustainable Planning Of Urban Areas – Cesba Med Approach

M.Arch, energy surveyor / Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar, Zagreb


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